Writing solid research papers

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Making decisions.

This is usually the hardest part of starting any writing project. You need to decide on the topic; thesis; research; the amount of support they you may need; how you are going to fit in everything you have to do and do all the referencing. First and foremost-Don’t Panic.


Look very carefully at the remit that you have for the task. Read the instructions at least twice. Now work backwards from the date that you have to submit your work, then add in targets such as your first draft; a date when you need to meet with you tutor to discuss progress (it’s never too early to make appointments for support).


Once, when I really wanted to write my papers at its highest standards, I browsed tons of examples regarding my topic. Your tutor may be able to provide you with a few examples, or you could look online for some examples of work that is considered good, poor or exceptional. Ideally you need an example that has been annotated.


If you have not already worked out your topic now is the time. If there is nothing that jumps put at you ask your tutor for some suggestions or look at some websites that provide lists of topics. You may decide not to use the ideas but there may be some ideas that you can adapt to your own interests.


Once you have your topic, think of how you will formulate your thesis. You may have an idea in your mind but are finding it hard to put into words. The more you talk about your writing project the more easily the words will come that will describe the work that you want to do.


Start with a few searches online. Make a note of the key words that you use and the order in which you use them. When you target some useful ideas then, make a note of your findings, the information, who wrote it and where it appeared. This will help you when you are ready to start referencing your work.


Do not underestimate how long it actually takes to produce a list of references, as it is very time consuming and you really need to be very accurate. Ideally if you are able to add references as you find them it will spread the task out a bit. Accuracy is key as it will help you to accurately cite other peoples work.

Outlines and Drafts.

Before you even start your draft, make a start on an outline. By doing this it helps you focus on where you are going with your writing. It will help you decide if your thought process is following a logical progression. Once you are happy with your outline make a start on your draft.